The Terror From Porcelain

The High King of John is a welcome site in most homes. Yet sometimes the WC can get a temper that defies gravity itself.

When that happens there is nothing else to do but sign a Magna Carta forcing the removal of the porcelain king.

Granted that means locating a new netty with a better temperament and a love for flow of water.

Of course the trouble of locating a khazi is nothing compared to the challenge of mounting the CR – especially if the person before you decide to install the pumping below the level of the floor.

This slight gap meant many hours staring at the dunny hole trying to figure out if gravity would like me or not… in the end, the white throne won and I made a trip to the hardware store for another wax ring.

Yet what should have been the end of a pilgrimage turned into loo terror as the hose from the water source to the tank was too short…..

To most folks this challenge would be nothing more then a blimp on the screen, yet for me it was another two days of trouble.

Mainly because when I returned to the hardware store that evening, I had four minutes to located and purchase a new hose – only I had three choices and a 33% chance of getting it right….only the 66% was stronger, leaving us waterless for two more days.

Finally the end drew nigh – the hose of White Porcelain Throne had been procured and installed. Life could be continued in more or less the same fashion.

Only now the Magna Carta forces King John to use 1.1 gallons for liquids and 1.6 gallons for solid. Once again the people have emerged victorious!