The Wind Is Blowing And The Wild Goose Is Coming

“The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” –John 3:8

I don’t know what is happening – but the Wind is blowing.  It feels strange to day that as I used to criticize folks who say things like that – shoot, I did it a few weeks ago… (sorry God).

Yet, something is happening. The Wild Goose (i.e. the Holy Spirit) is coming and we better be ready to let Him move.

Here’s what God’s been doing in my life:

  • 1) I’m talking about things of the Spirit on this blog. For years I have used this blog as a platform to express my thoughts about various theological issues as I read different books across the spectrum of Christianity. “Requisite Danger” was a safe place where a place to get things out of my brain; a place to  struggle and wrestle with theology. Yet, in doing so, the blog became unbalanced as I did not write about the move of God in my personal life – so the simple fact I’m writing about the move of the Spirit is huge.
  • 2) Over the last several months I have talking with Chuck at the Vineyard Meridian about the movement of the Spirit. He challenged me on some stuff – and invited me to come and hang out with him at some of the conferences/meetings hosted by his church.
  • 3) God sparked a fire at the Vineyard Boise about a month or so ago – leading to a series of guest speakers and a movement of the Spirit that I have not seen there in a long time.
  • 4) Last night during Robbie Dawkins‘ sermon at the Vineyard Boise, God showed me a series pictures from my life – pictures of when He touched me. It was an amazing journey!  I’m not quite sure the meaning of it all – but something is going on…
  • 5) Today during lunch I felt like I should go to my local coffee shop hang out even though I was pretty swamped with work. Walking into the shop, I started a conversation with the owner (who is a solid Believer) about all that God has been doing (i.e. #1-4). We talked for an hour and a half – all the while, no one came into the shop, which was highly unusual (bad for business, good for God). Several times throughout the conversation, God spoke directly to my heart through the shop owner – laying me bear and encouraging me to walk the road laid out before my feet.
  • 6) Sunday morning is coming up quickly – and I’m preaching at the Payette River Vineyard. While in and off itself, this is not a strange event, I’m a little nervous because of #1-5. Going back to work from the coffee shop today, I called Emily and asked her to rally the church’s prayer warriors. Something is in the air and I want to make sure that we don’t shutdown or pass on the blessings that God has for us. I also need a lot of prayer as I have a ton of things flowing through my mind and heart – which part(s) do I share? How much do I share? Questions and prayers…

Like the title says – the Wind is blowing and the Wild Goose is coming… Come Lord – breath on us!