Growing Legs – Bone, Blood and Flesh

leg18 days.  That is how long it has been since God grew my leg out.

Yeah, I know – I’ll wait while you read that last line again.


Great. So how is your modernity mind working? It is freaking out with all kinds of scientific data with words like “bone”, “blood veins”, “nerves”, “flesh” and “cells”?

If you can control your skepticism a bit, I will tell you my story.

I was born on May – oh, sorry, wrong year…let me reset my time clock……..ok. I think I’m ready.

Let me see – yes, now I know. It was May 2, 2010 in the evening at the Vineyard Boise. There was a guest speaker that night (who’s name does not matter) who gave a wonderful talk about how God is a God of generations. He is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jakob – not just one generation, but multiple generations. This gives me hope as I know He will work in my generation as he has in the past.

At the end of the service, the speaker asked everyone to wait on the Lord and see what He wanted to do. After some silence – the speaker begin to call out some words the Lord gave during the quiet time. One of the words was “snapped” – the speaker thought it had to do with a bone – yet, they also recognized that it could be a mental ‘snap.’ Yes – that was a joke….. sigh

And yes. The speaker was joking throughout the ministry time – yeah, it was pretty cool. Nice and natural with no backup band or anything. Just God and His people.

Moving along – after God touched a bunch of folks, the speaker called up everyone with back problems or uneven legs. Answering the call, I sat down on the front role with about 40 other folks (my right leg was shorter then my left leg – it has been that way since birth, and has caused me problems – most lately, it was reason my left knee gave out a few years back).

After everyone was seated, the speaker asked for the children to come up as they were going to be the prayer team. The speaker also told everyone who has not seen a miracle to come forward as God was on the move.

Starting about 15-ft away from me, the speaker had a young child of 6 or 7 pray for a women’s leg – it grew out in front of about 60 plus witness. Five more legs grew out as the ‘prayer team’ (a bunch of kids impressed into service) reached me… of course, by this time, my entire leg was tickling – I figured God was fixin things on His own.

About that time, someone noticed me sitting by myself and called a teenager and a young gal (5 ish…I’m bad with ages) over. The young one held up my feet – one foot in each hand – showing the difference in length. As the child begin to pray, a strange feeling moved down my leg – kinda like a shot of whiskey going down the throat.

eyeEyes wide open – both the teenager and young one stared at my legs – they were even.

Turning around, I asked the folks standing around me if they saw that I saw – they did… wow. Craziness.

So what happened?

I’m not really sure…only it seems that my legs are even for the first time. I have check the length of my legs several times since then – in fact, I checked them this morning (“checking them” means laying on the floor with my legs drawn up with my feet flat on the floor. I then lift my tail bone up  – allowing my hips to recenter – then down. One by one, I stretch out my legs and then look at my ankles to see if they are even. I learned this from a rehap doctor when fixing my knee).

Last week I went to my chiropractor to see what he would say. He said that my lower back was better – but there are still some problems. I’m not sure what that means…but I’m thinking that it means that my hip muscles are still weak from the years of having uneven legs.

Is it a miracle? I think so.

Even if I don’t have an x-ray proving that my legs are the same length (I have one saying they are not…) – I know that God reached downed and did something that night on May 2nd. Two to five people besides me saw my leg move without me shifting in my seat… I have also felt better…so I’m giving glory to God.

Now to find a couple of doves and a pile of rocks….