Grand Opening: Ardell's Art House

I am opening an art house. Pure and simple.

The idea came to me as I was walking through the forest last weekend taking pictures of various floral and basically being sad at the prospect of not being able to share the photographs.

Then it hit me – I have a blog. (queue up the lighting bolt and 2×4)

As such, I am now opening "Ardell's Art House" with two installments this week and more to follow as I find time to crop, border and upload (read: "art pieces will come and go as time allows").


Kleinschmidt Grade Syringa

Artist Statement:

The Kleinschmidt Grade is a narrow, windy dirt road that drops a vertical mile into Hells Canyon. Once you leave the tree covered eastern rim, there is nothing but rock, sagebrush and space.

However, about halfway down the grade there is a small gorge brimming with life and fueled by the gentle trickle of a mountain side spring. It was along this gorge that I discovered the bright white Syringa flower blooming in the warm spring air.  

Maybe that is why the Syringa is Idaho's state flower – because it shows up in the most unlikely of places to give hope and beauty in an otherwise desolate land.