Irony 101: Chinese Made 'Free Tibet' flags

Now days everything is made in China – included anti-China 'Free Tibet' flags.  

The BBC reported today that a factory in Guangdong (ie. somewhere in Asia) received an order for several thousand of the flags for an oversea company. The factory management and worker thought they were just a 'colorful flag' – given that the 'Free Tibet' flag is banned in China, it's not surprising that the workers didn't recognize them.

The house of cards came down when some of the workers saw the flags used to protest the Olympic torch.  They, in turn, told the state police – who confiscated all the remaining flags.

This begs the question: did the company who placed the order do so on purpose as some kind of practical joke?  Or where they just that stupid?  I guess we've never know…..

Oh – and who get's to foot the bill for materials and work done?  Unfortunately, I'm visioning some poor factory workers getting the shaft…