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Seven? Four boys, two girls and a piano tuner!

Despite being sick and fatigued (grrr…flu bugs…grrr), today was a phenomenal day as I received a long awaited package. (Ok…perhaps “long awaited” is a tad too melodramatic…but, in an-effort-to-save-face, I did have to wait a full SEVEN days for delivery not to mention the years of reading and penny saving…) 😛

Now, where were we…oh yes, the package…

This before-mentioned package contained the necessary ingredients to completed my collection of Schlock Mercenary comic books!!! (cue the fan-boy screams!)

For those poor souls sadly out of the loop Schlock Mercenary is THE pioneer sci-fi webcomic out there – not to mention the funniest! Drawn by Howard Tayler, the webcomic has been published online seven-days a week since June 12, 2000 and has racked up an arm full of awards and nominations.

I discovered Schlock Mercenary through my brother in early 2004 (about the time Tayler quite his day-job to become a full-time webcomist) and have faithfully followed it every day for the last eight years (hey, don’t judge me – some people read the newspaper every morning, I just choose to read Schlock…and a few hand full dozen plethora of other webcomics).

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Narbonic Controlled Hyperthermia

I was in a controlled hyperthermia state for the past few weeks.

A Narbonic induced pyrexia.

And it was deadly – absorbing all my energy and brainpower until my mind was full of mad science, zombies, taking gerbils, world dominating evil hamsters, crazy computer genius and a gun-crazy intern.

Yes, I was trapped in Shaenon Garrity’s evil universe as my eyes read all six years of Narbonic one after the other…..

And the crazy thing is that I enjoyed every minute!  🙂

Nerds, Geeks, & Dorks Definition: PhD Style

There I was – enjoying some laughs at the expense of some unaware grad students when I noticed that they were discussing a topic expounded upon yours truly. Listening closer, I began….


Are you still caught up on that whole “laughing at grad students” deal?  Come on!  It’s not like I’m sitting outside of a college dorm laughing and all the undergrads!!  

I’m talking about PhD students here  – you know Piled Higher & Deeper?  


Where was I? ah – forget it. Just enjoy the conversation as recorded by Jorge Cham: