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Human Target + White Collar = Burn Notice

The Winter Olympics have thrown a wretch into my online TV show watching schedule – namely, the networks are not playing/uploading new episodes of  “Castle” and “Burn Notice” (my two favorite shows).

So Em and I decided to do what any good Hulu watcher would do – we decided to watching something else! 😛

250px-Human_Target_2010_IntertitlePocking around a bit, I stumbled upon a new show called theHuman Target” based up a comic book character of the same name. The premise of the show is that there is a bodyguard / security consultant named Chris Chance who so integrates himself into the lives of his clients so that the threat targets him instead of the client.

Sounds pretty cool….but it’s not really that good… 😕

Chance as a character is pretty flat – mainly he is a guy who has a death wish and loves adrenaline. These facts led to a guy who walks into dangerous situations with no plan, relying instead on luck and his gun. As I’m watching this, I kept thinking: “Michael Westen could do it better, smoother, and with less property damage!”

220px-White_Collar_(TV_series)The next evening we decided to watch White Collar on the advice of a good friend. Usually we always watch the show pilot first – as it always pays to watch episodes in order…however, the pilot for ““White Collar” was unavailable as the show has been on all season. Luckily, Wikipedia had a quick overview of the show premise so that we wouldn’t be too lost. 🙂

In a nutshell, the show is about a con-man (Neal) who gets caught by the FBI and is offered a job by them, helping to catch other white collar criminals. At the same time, Neal is trying to find his former girlfriend who is been held or controlled by someone with a 10-yr FBI pin. In other words, Neal is playing both sides – the FBI and his criminal contacts for his benefit.

In the episode we watched, Neal (the con-man) joins a group of stock traders who are manipulating the system to scam folks out of their money. At first everything is going smooth – Neal talks his way into the inner circle and is gathering information in an attempt to take them down. However, things go bad when the inter group of thieves starting fighting among themselves – leading to a tense confrontation involving some guns.

200px-Burn_Notice_logoAgain – while the show was ok – I keep thinking about how Michael Westen from “Burn Notice” would have handled the situation. Neal, while a smooth talker, does a horrible job at concealing his emotions (he thinks that his FBI buddy/boss whom he is working with on the job kidnapped his girlfriend), which almost gets him killed.

Michael, on the other hand, routinely cons his way (“White Collar”) into dangerous situations on behalf of clients ( “Human Target”). Only he does it with a ton of preparation and skill that results in the bad guys being forced to leave town, turn themselves in, or, sometime, die. Michael Westen is the perfect con-man who’s on the fly story crafting is amazing! Yet, he is good enough not to let emotions or other jobs interfere with the current project.

Basically, “Burn Notice” is ““White Collar” and  “Human Target” rolled into one power packed, smooth talking show. Continue reading Human Target + White Collar = Burn Notice

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

heat-wave-richard_castleIt is here – the newest mystery novel by the famed New York Times Bestseller: Richard Castle!!

Drum roll please….

Annnnnnnddddd END!!!

That’s a wrap folks – let’s go home and grab a cold one because today’s work is done.

Ok, ok, – maybe that’s only funny to me…but what is real is that I just finished Richard Castle’s novel “Heat Wave.” This is the book that Richard Castle was researching during this TV Show “Castle.”

Yelp. The folks at ABC decided to hire a ghost writer to write an actually novel based on the “research” done on the TV show.

However, I think they might have given the ghost writer a pretty small budget as the book isn’t that good – as far as mystery novels go that is… In fact, instead of being a cool new mystery, “Heat Wave” is just another episode of Castle – only in book form instead of on TV.

Which, considering I happen to like the show, is not necessary a bad thing. It just wasn’t what I was expecting – that’s all.  😕

Oh – one last comment about the book – the premise of the novel focuses around a Pulitzer Prize winning, superstar reporter named Jameson Rook researching an article  based on the work of NYC homicide detective Nikki Heat.

You can guess the rest. 😛

A Cappella Sing-Off

391px-Sing-offI am more of a rock/country/pop/R&B/bluegrass/indie rock kind of guy.  (yeah, I know – I’m a tad mixed up)

But yesterday my lovely bride introduced me to an a cappella competition show on NBC called “The Sing-Off”.


It is amazing! We are not talking barbershop quartets here (well, one of the groups fall into that category) – we are talking about large teams of singers creating a full band sound with only their voices.

For example, the teams have sung “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay  – just to name a few.

It is pretty cool. 😀

I would recommend wondering over to Hulu and catching up on past episodes so that you will be ready for the final competition on Monday.

Hulu, Fantasy Shows, and Bored Thoughts

coffee cupI was bored.

Instead of picking up a book or doing my homework, I decided to browse Hulu after I started my Hulu free trial. Not necessary the best thing to do – but a fun thing to do on a cold lazy morning when the gravitation field of the bed is strong then one’s will. If you don’t have Hulu, there are other video on demand options out there for you to watch all your fave shows on!

Browsing the “Most Popular” selection, I discovered a fantasy style show called the “Legend of the Seeker” created by the guys who did “Hercules” and “Xena”.

Unfortunately, the show wasn’t all that good – at least from a philosophical view.

You see, in the “Seeker” universe there is a really bad “guy” named the Keeper, who is the lord of the underworld (i.e. Hades, the dead, etc). He is trying to destroy the land of the living along with everything living (i.e. plants, humans, animals, etc). Basically, the Keeper is your standard ultimate evil spirit being based upon devil of the Bible.

On the other side of the battle there are a few humans who are fighting for “truth” or good. Armed with various levels of magic (which, in this universe, is a neutral force – either good or bad), these “good guys” come against the Keeper and his forces by seeking the “Truth”.

Pretty standard fantasy style stuff. Continue reading Hulu, Fantasy Shows, and Bored Thoughts

Families in TV Land

tvshowsTypically I’m not a fan of TV shows – however, lately I have been following a few shows on the main networks. Granted, I am usually a few seasons behind everyone else as I like to watch the shows on DVD versus trying to keep up with them week by week (with some exceptions – like Castle which we watch online).

The cool thing that I have noticed is that the networks are finally presenting healthily families on their shows. Take Castle for the example: while the show is about a murder and mystery, Richard Castle is shown as a great father to his daughter – watching out for her and being willing to talk to her about anything without getting upset. Shoot, I would expect that most fathers would love to have the relationship he has with Alexis. Continue reading Families in TV Land

Serenity: Better Days #1

I'm so happy!!!! Laughing I'm now an official nerd – or fanboy, if you would prefer. Sunday I received the first of a three part comic book series about Firefly. (it even came in a cool plastic cover – shiny!)

Written by Joss Whedon, Serenity: Better Days #1 is a wonderful comic book based between the end of the Firefly TV series and the movie Serenity. I would tell you more, but I don't want to ruin it for you. Tongue out

If your mouth is watering, you too can own this piece of history – all for $2.99 (plus shipping and handling). All you need to do is go to this website and order your copy TODAY

Note that this is an independent rant by the author of this blog with no connections to the above said websites or publishers. The author is just out of his mind.

oh – in the back of comic, there's a nice comment foretelling of another comic book series called The Shepherd’s Tale. This series will be focused on Shepherd Book's life BEFORE Firefly!!! Pretty Shiny!! Cool

One last Firefly titbit – this is the second Firefly comic book series written by Joss. The first one was Serenity: Those Left Behind – written in 2005 (before the movie). I had the previlege of reading this one a few weeks ago and, while not as good as the TV show, it is really good. In fact, it gives you a better lay-of-the-land leading up to the movie.[@more@]

So I was mistaken – there is one more Firefly titbit. Tongue out  I re-discovered a cool Serenity desktop picture at FireflyFans.net.


Calling all Browncoats!

Joss Whedon is writing and publishing three comic books based in the Firefly universe:

[@more@]I would also like to mention Joss’ previous Firefly comic book published in 2006: Serenity: Those Left Behind. This book deals with the time between the last Firefly episode and the movie Serenity.

A wonderful friend loaned this book to me last week, and it ROCKS!!! The only disappointment being that it’s in book form instead of video… *sigh*

Knight Rider 3000

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned the new Knight Rider "movie" – well, I must repent of my ignorance ways. The new Knight Rider is actually as TV show. In fact, the show premiers this Sunday, February 17th, with a two hour "movie".

The coolest part of the entire new series is K.I.T.T (of course!!). Looking online, I discovered some sweet pictures of the Shelby GT500KR as well as a few YouTube clips about the show. Enjoy.

oh – and it seems that Val Kilmer is to replace Will Arnett as the voice of KITT. "I'm your huckaberry.."


Knees vs Knight Rider

Knee Report

I had a checkup with the physical therapist Tuesday to see how my knee was going. Over all, it's improving very steadily.  The therapist gave me some different exercises to do for the next few months. After that, I'm hoping to get with a trainer to set up a long term routine – that way this won't happen again. Innocent

Knight Rider

Guess what? Netflick has all the old Knight Rider TV shows available online via streaming media. Laughing

We watched Season 1, Episode 1 Monday evening – it was so cool! Talk about memories.
Tongue out The coolest part is that Em has never seen Knight Rider – so this is her first time. [@more@]