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Fishin’ Part Two – Looking In The SF Payette

Not one to give up too easy, I tried my hand a fishing the South Fork of the Payette River Wednesday morning near Grandjean. This was after the 20 mile hike – so I was pretty tired, but since I was having a hard time sleeping, I decided to try my luck.


[@more@]Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a thing – shoot, I didn’t even get a nimble or see a fin.


However, I must say that it was a peaceful way to greet the morning sun…

Tying to Find Fish in the Wilderness

It may sound crazy – but I carried my fly pole with me on the hike across the Sawtooth Mountains. Some folks had told me that there were fish in there hills – and I aimed to find a few.

The first lake I tried was Alpine Lake (see pervious post for picture) – but the wind was too strong to really cast a fly line. So we packed up after lunch and headed up and over the pass to the Barren Lakes.

That evening I caught a small brook trout at the main Barren Lake (there are three of them). The picture to the right was taken from our camp site the next morning – but it shows the place where I was fishing – near the log dam on the main lake (at about middle point in the below picture)


[@more@]Early the next morning, I rolled out of my sleeping bag and tried to find some more of those trout – preferable some big ones as I was hungry.

I spend all morning working around the north side of the lake trying to find some fish. At one spot I found a lot of fish – but none of them would bite. Shoot, I stood there for a few hours watching them play with my fly hook, but not takers… Frown


After I made it half way across the lake, I turned back towards the campsite. As I past the spot where the fish had been taunting me early that morning, I decided to cast my hook one more time…. That was it. I caught one!!!


Granted, it wasn’t that big. But boy did it taste good!! Cool


A 20 Mile Walk Through the Sawtooth Wilderness

As promised, here are a few pictures from my latest adventure – a 20 mile walk from Redfish Lake to Grandjean over the Sawtooth Mountains. Cool

Even though I'm posting this picture first, it was actually taken at the end of the trip…[@more@]
We left on our adventure right after church on Sunday and drove to Redfish Lake, where we caught the boat over to the trail head. From there, we hiked three miles into the backcountry before setting up camp for the night.
The next day we started our climb from 6,200 ft to a peak of 9,200 ft at the mountain pass. This picture shows some of the views on this climb.
Here we are at the top of the pass – or actually a tad higher as we dropped our packs and climbed around a bit. You will noticed that there are only two of us – that is because our group dropped from six people to three over the course of the week. The third person turned back after the three mile hike the night before – which was good as I don't think he could of made the trip.
We visited several beautiful lakes along the journey – this is Alpine lake at around 7,400 ft attitude.
 This is the country we hike through on the last day of the trip. Grandjean is located near the end of the valley. We hiked five miles the second day and 12 miles the third as we wanted to join the rest of the crew at Grandjean (where they had set up a base camp)
I have tons of other pictures to share concerning this trip and as such, I will be posting them up occasionally along with some more stories. Blessings. Cool

Three Days, 20 Miles and a Big Mountain

By the time you read this, I will be about 10 miles into the backcountry of the Sawtooth Wilderness.

The crazy thing is that I will also have about 10 more miles of trail ahead of me before the return to civilization. Yelp – I’m attempting a 20 mile backpacking trip across the Sawtooth Mountains. Cool

I have pasted a map below that shows my route – please come find me if I don’t come out. Innocent  Nah – I’ll be alright – plus I’m taking three other folks with me on this adventure: two gals from England and a friend from Boise.

Em will be sitting high on a hog at base camp (ie. at the end of the trail) with her mom and the gals’ parents. Shoot – they might even be on a trail ride this very minute!! Smile

Well – that’s about it – see you guys when I return.

2 Men + 2 Nights + Idaho Wilderness = An Adventure

You have to have danger in order to have an adventure. If you don't…then it's just a walk in the park (granted, not Central Park as that can be dangerous).  

Of course, some would say that going backpacking in the Sawtooth wilderness is not dangerous. Well… we didn't have a map? Undecided  ok… we did get one before we entered the wilderness due to the enticing aroma of a pizza place near a hiking outfitter.

This is Idaho. We like our pizza joints near the great outdoors…about seven miles Cool

Moving on to the "adventure" – we climbed a mountain and saw some pretties; took some pictures (below) and went home. All and all, I think I can live one more day in this crazy world for at least there's one place on earth that is calm.

Βασιλεία τοῦ Θεοῦ
"Adventure with all its requisite danger and wildness…"

Goat Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness: deep, blue and bone chilling cold Wink



Who needs a tent when you have a plastic bag?