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What are the most influential books in your life?

It is no secret that I am a bibliophilia (i.e. a lover of books). It is a strange thing as I used to hate books – that is until 4th grade when my brother and his best friend turned me onto Louis L’Amour. The rest, they say, is history.

Recently a friend was asked what where the top 10 influential books in his life – a task that proved to be very difficult. So much so that he decided to limit himself to 22 books.  Today I have decided to follow his example and list the top ten most influential books in my life (and yes, I have kept my list to 10).  🙂

The Short List (i.e. this is my running list of books that have had the most impact on my life)

1) “From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya : A Biographical History of Christian Missions” by Ruth Tucker (1989)

This book fueled my love of following the Goose to the crazy parts of the world. It also started me on the journey of enlarging my view of the Global Church.

2) “Foxe’s Book of Martyrsby John Foxe (1563)

A faith builder for sure. Oh to have a faith like these saints! May the Lord grant me the strength to stand firm each day.

3) “Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom” by Derek Morphew (1991)

Kingdom Theology 101: Probably the most influential theological book I have ever read. Continue reading What are the most influential books in your life?

The Sacketts

Every since that fateful day on the bus in junior high when my brother introduced to me Tell Sackett, I have enjoyed reading the tales of Louis L'Amour.

Over the years I have read just about every single book every written by L'Amour – including his book of poems. During this time, I have also been collecting his books as I find them.

A few days ago as I was looking around our local library, I noticed that they where having a book sale (a dangerous event). In the midst of the romance and adventure books was a jewel: almost all the Sackett books.[@more@]

Maintaining a calm and collect posture, I inquired as to the cost of such a rare find. Unfortunately, the response given was enough to crack my think skin: $1.00 a piece.


I quickly snatched up the six books I did not already have – completing my collection of Sackett books (with the exception of The Sackett Companion).

  1. Sackett’s Land – Barnabas Sackett
  2. To the Far Blue Mountains – Barnabas Sackett
  3. The Warrior’s Path – Kin Ring Sackett
  4. Jubal Sackett – Jubal Sackett, Itchakomi Ishai
  5. Ride the River – Echo Sackett (Aunt to Orrin, Tyrel, and William Tell Sackett)
  6. The Daybreakers – Orrin and Tyrel Sackett, Cap Rountree, Tom Sunday
  7. Lando – Orlando Sackett, the Tinker
  8. Sackett – William Tell Sackett, Cap Rountree
  9. Mojave Crossing – William Tell Sackett and Nolan Sackett
  10. The Sackett Brand – William Tell Sackett, and the whole passel of Sacketts!
  11. The Skyliners – Flagan and Galloway Sackett
  12. The Lonely Men – William Tell Sackett
  13. Mustang Man – Nolan Sackett
  14. Galloway – Galloway and Flagan Sackett
  15. Treasure Mountain – William Tell Sackett
  16. Ride the Dark Trail – Logan Sackett
  17. Lonely on the Mountain – William Tell, Orrin and Tyrel Sackett