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Bodybuilders pluck car from ditch

Here's a great article about some friendly neighbors…ones with strong backs:  Tongue out

From correpondents in Berlin

February 12, 2008 12:36am Article from: Reuters

A GROUP of 10 bodybuilders from a German gym took a break from their normal training routine to help a driver whose car was stuck in a ditch, police said.

The men were training at the Explosives fitness centre in Bad Zwischenahn near the western city of Oldenburg when the 38-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle, veered into a meadow and plunged the front of his car into the two-metre-deep ditch.

"They dropped their sweat towels and water bottles and ran over the road to the crash site," a police spokesman said.

"They then heaved the car out. It only took them a few minutes."

The grateful driver joined the men at the fitness centre to treat them to a round of energy drinks, the spokesman said.


Who's going to be VP?

Just for fun – who do you think is going to be choosen for VP on both the Democrats and Replication?

Here my thoughts:


  • If Clinton wins, I think she will pick Obama.
  • If Obama wins, I think he might pick Edwards or maybe Nancy Pelosi


  • I think Huckabee will be the VP on either McCain or Romney's tickets.
  • If Huckabee pulls off a miracle and wins, then I think McCain would be his running mate.[@more@]