“The Orthodox Way” by Bishop Kallistos Ware

I was first introduced to Kallistos Ware’s book The Orthodox Way on September 2, 2006 when it was given to me after a chance meeting with an Eastern Orthodox priest. This priest, whose name I do not know, gave me five books about the Eastern Orthodox Church after briefly taking to me in a hotel … Continue reading “The Orthodox Way” by Bishop Kallistos Ware

No Simple Answers

There is a myth that is so pervasive and widespread that most of us believe its lies without thinking. What, you may ask, is this myth? It is the myth of common sense. Or, to use different words, it is the belief that people everywhere have the ability, wisdom, and understanding to come to the … Continue reading No Simple Answers

Learning to Embrace Doubt

Barna Group released a study yesterday stating that the majority of Christians have either doubted their faith or are currently doubting their faith.  40% said they worked through doubt at some point in their journey while 26% of those surveyed said they still experience doubt. Only 35% said they never doubted the faith. The authors … Continue reading Learning to Embrace Doubt

When Sh*t Happens: Why Your View of the Sovereignty of God Matters

Theology for theology sake is worthless. The reason we ponder the mysteries of the cosmos is so that we can live life better. Nowhere is this concept more applicable that when dealing with the great Sovereignty of God/Free Will dilemma. To some, this dilemma is so huge and so crazy that they will walk away … Continue reading When Sh*t Happens: Why Your View of the Sovereignty of God Matters

Top 14 Books For Every Pastor or Church Leader

My friends over at Think Theology have started listing out their top books every pastor should either own or have read. After reading over Able Baker, Robby McAlpine, and Kenny Burchard lists, I just had to respond as I think they missed the mark on some must have books!! 😀 1) “Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom” … Continue reading Top 14 Books For Every Pastor or Church Leader

“The Orthodox Church” by Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware

Two and a half years ago I read Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware’s book “The Orthodox Way” and fell in love with the way in which the Eastern Orthodox Church embraces the mystery of God. This year I located that book’s predecessor, “The Orthodox Church”, and grew in my understanding of the history of that fine … Continue reading “The Orthodox Church” by Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware

Christmas and Easter: Connected Forever

Full of family, trees, decorations, food, presents and, hopefully, some snow, Christmas is a wonderful distraction from the dreary cold of winter.  We huddle together under blankets before the fireplace and sing songs of the first Christmas and old men driving around in sleds. And even though we know that Christmas is more than this, … Continue reading Christmas and Easter: Connected Forever

Original Sin: Revisted

Four years ago during a systematic theology class through Vineyard Leadership Institute, I started to question the doctrine of original sin. Specifically, I started asking the question, “Is original sin was genetic or social?” This questioning lead to a two part blog series in which I talked about Augustine and Pelagius view on original sin … Continue reading Original Sin: Revisted