I Would rather Be a Torchbearer Rather Than Run a Relay Race

I recently stumbled upon a GREAT video by Rick Olmstead (Vineyard Church of the Rockies) about his desire for the next generation to be included and working alongside previous generations. Instead of viewing the next generation as those who will take the baton of the previous crew, Rich paints the picture of being torchbearers who light the fire of those around us.

I don’t know about you all, but I like the concept of a torchbearer better than a relay race. While I respect and honor those who followed God before me, I really don’t want their baton. I want to carry the baton given to me by Jesus, which may or may not align itself with what others have done.

Including The Next GenerationThe picture of an older torchbearer lighting my torch so that I can go out and light others… now that is a picture that I can grab a hold of and run with. It allows me to receive the wisdom of previous generations and work alongside of them for Christ while not having to carry their baton. I can be free to pick up the baton given to me by Jesus while working with those who started the race before me.

I also don’t want to give up my torch/baton until I’m dead. However, I would love to help lite the torch of those around me – whether they be physical younger or older than me.

What do you all think about those two word pictures? Does anything stand out to you about them?