April Showers…

park 3April has been quite a full month….

First off, we found a renter for our house and moved into the big city – finding a great 3-bed room house near a city park, pool, bike/running path, and, wait for it, a community garden. All the things one need within a block and a half. =?

Secondly, as if moving wasn’t enough, my day-job is in the process of launching a new service offering with yours truly in the midst of the launch. I love doing this type of stuff, but…wow…did I have to move in the middle of this?! Timing, Lord, timing… =/

Thirdly, my wife’s pregnancy is moving along great. A few more weeks until we get to welcome a new life into the world. =D

It may be another month before things settle down so I apologize ahead of time for the lack of posts…  little by little things will settle down and get back into a rhythm.

Until then, keep on chasing the Wild Goose.

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