Baby Brain and a Birthday

brothersSorry for the lack of posts over the past two and half weeks… life has been crazy, to say the least.  On my last post I mentioned that we were looking at adopting a 3-month old baby boy – well, that happened. 😀

As of May 23rd, I am the proud father of two young boys. Much, much happiness!!!

Life as we used to know it as officially ended as we are trying to figure out the two-child parenting deal. Luckily our new son is sleeping through the night most of the time (last night being the exception…) and is adapting to our crazy house fairly smoothly. In fact, he loves watching his older brother run around (build in experiment!).

oh.. on the money front, thank you all who donated to our fund-raising campaign (adoptions are expensive!). We wouldn’t have been able to bring the child home had it now been for all of you pitching in and helping us cover the placement fees. We still have $3,000 that we have to pay this month as well as a few thousand later on this fall for lawyer fees (the adoption will not be finalized until November or December). Little by little things come together. 🙂


This last few weeks also brought my birthday into orbit once again. My oldest son and wife gave me a pair of dart guns, which (of course) led to an amazing gun fight throughout the house! It was the best birthday ever – a new son and a great gun battle!!!! 😀

dart gun battle

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