Requisite Danger is Changing Names and Locations!!

Requisite Danger Screen shotOn May 4, 2006, the site “Requisite Danger” was launched as an experimental outlet for my busy brain and crazy fingers. At the time I wasn’t sure if I had enough thoughts in my mind to last a week let along 2,932 days, but somehow things kept popping and I kept on writing…. At first I hid my identity under the pseudonym  “Ardell” (the name I gave to a self-aware computer bent on taking over the world in a short story I wrote in college) as I was nervous about blogging online. Over the years I gradually opened up, especially as I met and talked to other bloggers who used the web as a ministry opportunity.

And the crazy is that you all stuck around and read the articles I wrote… simply mind blowing if you ask me! 🙂  If we were to look at the numbers, “Requisite Danger” had 499 pageviews by 250 users over the last month (and this was WITH several hosting issues that took the site down for a few days at a time!). 25% of these users were returning visitors with 75% of them new to “Requisite Danger” (welcome ya’ll!). As can be imaged, lot of these visitors are viewing older articles they found via Google.

For example, my April 5, 2011 article on Premodernism, Modernism and Postmodernism received 56 pageviews this past month even though it was written three years ago.

Yet for all its glory, the time has come to retire the site “Requisite Danger.” Now before you all scream (or rejoice as some of you are bound to do), please note that I am NOT stopping – I am simply moving blogging locations. For now on I will be blogging at “” which pays tribute to the Wild Goose Chase I’ve been on these last eight years.

In this location change I have been able to move all 1,419 posts from “Requisite Danger” to “Wild Goose Chase” – meaning that all the cool articles you have come to love will still be out there in cyberspace.  All you need to do is update your bookmarks, RSS feeds and hyperlinks to the new website and all will be good. 🙂

I believe that is all for now… I hope you all will join me in a new adventure at my new website. 😀