Is The Cross Big Enough For You?

jason clarkI just finished listening to Jason Clark’s talk on at the Vineyard UK/Ireland conference entitled “The Shape of the Church: What Story are you living? It was very, very, very powerful – full of open honesty and hope for the future.

Yet the one thing that stood out to me the most, as I’m sure it did with the folks there that day, was Jason’s challenge to really embrace the cross of Jesus through the tough times of life. I know that sounds really religious and worthless…but I am at a loss to find words to explain his talk… all I can say is that if you only listen to one message from the Vineyard UK/Ireland conference, this should be that one talk.

Summary of the talk as posted by Jason on his blog:

It summed up my experience as a church planter, and my theological reflections/research within that. It was part autobiography, part theological reflection and part pragmatic advice/coaching.

I set out a vision for how we much understand the church in our current context in ways that would respond to the biggest challenges we face for being church and church planting. I also made it in the hope that it would give hope and confidence to church planters and church leaders.