The Mission of Jesus Followers

Public Reading: Luke 10:1-24

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The Story

•    70/72 => does not really matter

o    Loosely refers to the number of gentile nations in world as seen by the Jewish people at the time

•    Passage only found in Luke

o    Why is that?
o    What is Luke trying to tell us?

•    A deliberate progression throughout Luke and Acts (which is just ‘Luke’ part two)

o    Jesus comes announcing and demonstrating the Kingdom
o    The 12 are commissioned and do the same things
o    The 70/72 are commissioned and do the same things
o    Peter does it after the death and resurrection of Jesus
o    Paul does it
o   The concept is that we are next!!

•    Parallels between Peter and Paul (taken from Derek Morphew’s “The Mission of the Kingdom: The Theology of Luke-Acts”)

•    As we read this passage, we need to keep in mind that we have the same mission as the 72.

o    We have been commissioned by Jesus to:

*    Love God
*    Love others
*    Heal the sick
*    Raise the dead
*    Cleanse leapers
*    Cast out demons
*    Proclaim the Kingdom of God

•    We have seen this here in Sweet!

o    Sickness has been healed
o    Pain that was there was removed
o    Lives have been changed

•    We see this world wide

•    The return of the 70

o    Luke 10:17-24
o    They come back excited and thrilled!

*    They saw stuff they never thought possible!!
*    Even the demons obeyed!

o    Jesus was filled with joy and praised God!

*    He said that the saw the devil fall like lighting
*    This is not talking about the time before the garden of Eden

•    He is talking about right then!
•    Those who were in chains were set free!
•    Those who were sick, were healed
•    Etc

o    Jesus also had a warning for us (Luke 10:20)

*    “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

o    We get sidetracked sometimes…either too focused on signs and wonders, or not enough
o    We need to watch for the dancing hand of the Father

3 thoughts on “The Mission of Jesus Followers”

  1. good – liked the parallel between Peter and Paul – liked the last few points, especially the sentence: We need to watch for the dancing hand of the Father! (Amen!)

    1. Thanks. =)

      The parallel gets even better when you add Jesus’ ministry to the list: Jesus heals a lame man; His cloak heals a women; He conducts exorcisms’ I don’t think He confronts a sorcerer per say..but He does confront a lot of other religious type; Jesus raises the dead; and He reaches both the Jews and the Gentiles.

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