Let It Be Said That We Love Them Unconditionally

“Let the Vineyard be known as a place where Love rules, Love reigns, Love flows – unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Let us be known as a movement that knows how to love, without hypocrisy.

Do we want, like many today, a reputation of being an avant-garde group, a cutting edge group, having the latest and the greatest in everything we do. Do you know what we really need to be known for?

Let us be known for the way we love people. Let us be known for the way we love God. Let it be said of us that we love the poor. We love people who are not like us. We love people that speak other languages and come from other cultures. We love people that have been formed by different ideologies than us, and have grown up in a different way than us. Let it be said that we love them, and we love them unconditionally.”

-From Phil Strout‘s Vineyard USA National Director acceptation speech as reported by Turning Point Media PR.