Choices and Decisions

Yesterday wore me out… too many choices and decisions cramped into one day.

The day started out with a visit to a local architect to see if they could help us design a new food-pantry/clothing-closet/community-center/church facility. It was good visit, abet a tad stressful as we are taking about a huge building project full of emotions…

The next big thing to happen yesterday was a trip to the transmission shop as our car has been having troubles downshifting. They, in turn, discovered metal bits within the transmission cover – meaning that the transmission is shot had has to be replaced. However, seeing how the car has 188,000 miles…yeah, it is better just to replace the entire car – which means car shopping, which is not fun… 🙁

Later on that night we drop into the Verizon store last night and order some new phones as both of ours are having major problems. After talking to them, leaving to do some online research, and then coming back, we decided to pick up one smartphone and one basic phone. The primary motivation for upgrading to a smartphone data package is the ability to sync my day-job calendar with my church-work and personal life (do I have one of those?) calendar all on one device that is with my all the time. Hopefully this will help smooth things out and help keep my stress levels down. 🙂

Oh… for those who want to know, the phones we ordered were the HTC Incredible 2 and Samsung Intensity III.

The last decision event of the day was a trip to a new tea store at the local mall. Teavana is a national chain started in Atlanta, Georgia, who recently opened a branch in Boise last month. Their place was packed with tea accessories and close to 100 different types of loose leaf tea. In fact, they had so many tea choices, it crippled the decision making part of my brain and turned me into a drooling mount!

Yet, despite wanting to drop several hundred to a thousand dollars on cool gadgets and tea, I managed to walk out with two types of tea (Cha Yen Thai Tea and White Avurvedic Chai) and a small bag of German rock sugar (its unrefined sugar crystals which help keep the tea favors without overpowering them).  The tea looks to be of higher quality then my normal source…which makes me excited to taste them! (Now to determine is the quality is worth the extra $$).

Wow…just typing all this is making me tried… too many choices and decisions for one day.  😕

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