Adoption Quest: Searching for the Pieces of Our Family Puzzle

Today I have the pleasure of promoting a new blog site intimately connected to Requisite Danger and my journey with the Wild Goose.

Emily, my lovely bride of 11 and half years, has just started her very first blog (trust me, that fact alone is HUGE!) focusing on our newest adoption adventure.

Two years ago we adopted a precious baby boy from our local geographical area. Now we feel that the Lord is leading us to adopt internationally from somewhere in Latin America as we have always had a heart for that part of the world.

In order to help people participate in our adoption journey as well as to help others who are considering adoption by letting them hear our story, Emily has created the “Adoption Quest: Searching for the Pieces of Our Family Puzzle” blog.

Hopefully you all will join us on this quest and lift us up before the Father as we know the power of pray and the joy of walking together.


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