Ministry Highlight: Loving people in Tribal Mountains of the Philippines

The Mapes

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Cebu, Philippines, where I was able to visit with some old friends, Chris and Cathee Mapes.

Cathee was our Filipina host and guide in 2004 when Emily and I joined with a team of midwifes and medical doctors to love the people in the remote mountain tribal villages of Northern Luzon, Philippines. We met Chris a year later when he came to Boise as a student at the Vineyard College of Mission out of the Vineyard Boise. After graduating from the Mission Medics program, Chris moved to the Philippines where he met, and later, married Cathee.

Together they have been involved in many different types of ministry within the tribal mountain or resettlement villages in Northern Luzon. The first major focus was medical outreaches sponsoring medication for children and adults with tuberculosis.

They also ran a boarding house for college students from the tribes – allowing them to disciple them and guide them deeper into a loving relationship with Jesus. Today, while they no longer have run a boarding house, they continue to focus on discipleship and strengthen the body of Jesus through a bi-lingual video bible school in the villages.

“Through this Bible School, we have had testimonies of healings, of boldness in witnessing, and many powerful class teachings and discussions. These classes go out and evangelize other villages in their own tribal dialect. Our last outreach, we saw 11 salvations from older people who understood the gospel in their own language for the first time. After that we learned that one of the old ladies died about a week later. Praise God for his perfect timing. Facilitating this Video Bible school is one of the few times I have had complete assurance that I am where God wants me to be.” -Chris

Recently Chris posted a phenomenon letter on their blog with more information about their “heart, vision and needs” as they love people in tribal mountains of the Philippines. While they have been doing a great work over the last seven years of their married life times are getting tough as the world’s financial situation has greatly reduced their missionary support….

I pray that you all will wander over to their blog and see what God is going in their lives.

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