Stories of the Coming Age Breaking into This Age (Part 2 of 2)

Same conference; different day than the story...

Yesterday and today I have been sharing some stories from last week’s Asia Summit about the Coming Age breaking into this Present Evil Age. They are stories of God’s physical, emotional, and spiritual provisions to which we give thanks and praise to the Lord Most High.

These are not the only stories out of that week – nor are they ‘special’ in the sense that they are rare or unique. They are stories God loving His kids.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. –Hebrew 12:28-13:1

Story Two: God at Work

We were supposed to hear from a panel on culturally relevant mission last Thursday evening as part the Summit’s focus on the Vineyard’s Five Values. God, though, had other plans – leading to a night of worship and prayer.

At one point during this impromptu worship session, the session emcee asked if anyone had a word to share from the Lord. Some folks came forward with different pray topics and what not…ok…truth be told, I don’t know what they said as I was too busy thinking about kidneys.

Specially I was thinking about a time last year when God showed me a wilted right kidney while visiting a former church’s worship evening. Seeing how this evening in Cebu was similar to that evening a year ago, I begin to wrestle with myself as to whether or not it was God telling me to pray for someone with a right kidney or if Josh was just dreaming stuff.

About that time my right gut started hurting – a sharp unusual pain in one spot. Over the years I have learned that when that happens, it usually means that God wants to heal someone in the room with that type of pain – or at least with pain in that area of the body.

Moving without permission, my feet took me up front where the emcee gave me the microphone – a scary thing considering the size of the crowd and the people therein! Blubbing through it, I stepped over to the side and waited.

And waited….

….and waited….

Eventually the music started up again and I dismissed the even knowing that I had done my job. It was now up to the Lord and the person or persons in the crowd to respond.

Letting the music sweep over me, I got lost in worship – falling to my knees in awe of the King of Kings…then someone tabbed me on the shoulder and the Kingdom came crashing in!

Jesus healed that person (I talked to them off and on over the next two days and, glory to God, pain was still gone!) as well as shedding His light and grace into other areas of their life. Oh, I should mention that the physical problem wasn’t kidneys but pain in their lower right gut area – the same area where I started to hurt. It seems that the kidney thoughts was God’s way of getting me ready to step out in faith.

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