Stories of the Coming Age Breaking into This Age (Part 1 of 2)

Today is Thanksgiving – a time in which we stop our busy lives and give thanks to the Lord for His provisions in all areas of our lives.

Along those lines I want to share with you a couple of stories from last week’s Asia Summit about the Coming Age breaking into this Present Evil Age. As will see over the next two days,  these are stories of God’s physical, emotional, and spiritual provisions.

Story One: Gray Feathers

There were four of us standing in a circle praying for unity and tribal reconciliation among the Filipino followers of Jesus. As my companions prayed, my eyes slowly closed and there out of the darkness stood a grey feather off to the right side of my vision.  Looking closer I saw that the feather was sticking out of a red headband…

Still not sure what was happening, I asked the Lord what I was seeing. As did I did so, the red color of the headband moved up towards the feather – turning it red before becoming a dense red cloud blocking all sight.

After a time the red cloud slowly faded, reliving a bright multicolored feather standing tall in the darkness. As I watched this feather begin move – rocking softly in the wind…. then the feather faded into hundreds of trees lining sides of the mountains as they overlooked a fogy valley.

Then my eyes opened….

Not quite sure what had happened or what God was up to, I cautiously asked one of my companions if a gray feather meant anything to him. Happily it did – which lead to me telling him the rest of the vision, which also made some sense to him. The rest of it was filled in by God in answer to my prayers as to what was happening.

Details aside, God was providing strengthen and encouragement to my brother as he pastored a group of Jesus followers deep within the island mountains of the Philippines. The provisions of God granted to him through the in-breaking of the Kingdom.

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