Sitting In An Airport

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I’m sitting in an airport today waiting for my plane to load….

Not much is happening other then that… just waiting…

In a little bit I will be boarding a plane for Seoul, South Korea, and then to Cebu, Philippines for the Asia Summit.  It should be a good time hanging out with old friends, God and a ton of new friends.

Sunday should be really good as I get to attend one of the Filipino Vineyard churches! 🙂

Prayer Requests:

  • Travel mercy
  • Focus – I am hoping to spend some time writing during the layovers and at the hotel in Cebu, only I know myself and I can see myself getting sidetracked… 😛
  • Connections – As the Philippine Partnership representative, please pray that I will be able to make some good connections with the pastors and missionaries at the summit.
  • Presences of G0d – pray that I will see and hear God throughout this trip as I want to walk with Him.

That’s about all… Hopefully the hotel will have wifi so I can post updates throughout the week…otherwise you will all have to wait a week or so. 😀


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