Headed to the Philippines

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Two weeks ago I had no plans for leaving Idaho, let alone for going out of the country… yet, I can now announce that I am headed to the Southeast Vineyard Asia Summit in Cebu, Philippines in ten days (Nov 11-19th).

It is a good things I keep a passport on hand. 🙂

How did this happen? And why so fast?

Well, a few weeks ago, I was attending the Vineyard Boise Christian Fellowship Missions Board meeting when it was discovered that the folks who were originally planning on going to the Asia Summit were unable to go. Being part of the Board and having visited the area previously, I was asked to attend the Summit and foster the connection we have with the Vineyard churches in the Philippines.

After a few days praying about the trip and talking with folks, I felt like Jesus said to go…so I bought tickets and made the proper arrangements. 😀

I would appreciate it if you all would be praying for me as I still has some travel details to work out… this will also be the first time I have embarked on solo international trip as all my other trips have been with teams, so please pray for travel mercy as I navigate all the ins-and-outs of international travel. :/

Oh…and above all, pray that this will be a relaxing, peaceful trip as life has been really hectic lately. :/


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  1. You’re going to the Philippines, grandma’s going to Florida, and Uncle Curtis and Aunt Joyce are going to Japan. We’re an international family!

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