Do You Want To Find Some Young Girls?

I was talking to a taxi driver the other day as we battled traffic across town.

He was curious as to why I was visiting his country and told him that I was a pastor attending a church conference. He thought was nice and asked if I was a priest or if I was married. I replied that I was married and was not a priest per say… just small talk.

Yet his next question was very, very sad:

“Just between us…if you would like, I know a place where you can find some young girls…”

How sad is it that this man could ask THAT question right after I told him I was a pastor and a married man. Either one of those items should have told him not to ask me that question.

Yet, as he said once I turned his offer down, a lot of male tourists go to the Philippines and Asia looking for young girls to have sex with. They travel alone on business or on a pleasure trip to the islands with the knowledge that no one knows them here…. it is crazy and sad….very sad…

I don’t know… I knew this type of thing happens everyday over here – shoot it happens back home in the States – it is just that I’ve never had anyone try to ‘hook’ me up before. 😕

May the Lord be with those young ladies where ever they are and may He change that taxi drivers heart.

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