Boats docked off of Mactan Island, Philippines

For months now I have been talking about taking a day or two off work, going to a hotel somewhere and just writing. You know, getting away from all the distractions of life and being free to put down to paper some of things bouncing around in my head.

Well last week I had the chance to do that while in the Philippines… and you know what? It was tough.

There I was – all alone in a foreign country with no distractions, no one to talk too, no one to bug me, no work to be done…just time alone with God, the Bible and a blank computer screen….

I almost lost it.

There should have been pads on the wall – big, white, fluffy pads that would have protected my body has I threw myself against the walls repeatedly…

Yeah. It was bad.

I was detoxing from the busyness of life and the constant need to be around others -to have one’s scenes stimulated constantly.

The fact that I had to force myself through this time of detoxing is sign that things are not as they should be. Life was created to be simpler and slower…yet the forces of history has forced us to live in a fast moving, always on culture that requires constant stimulation and movement.

Which was why I had to get away. I had to force myself to slow down and be at ease with the silence…to breathe deeply and allow the Spirit to overcome my body…to relax and just be. No doing. Just being.

And when that happened, my fingers began to move and the words began to flow. Yes, I was writing – doing – but this time it was out of a sense of peace and not motion.

ahhh…to detox and let God move…it is a good feeling. One that we need – so in short, we all need detox every once in a while.

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