Gearing Up For Fathers’ Day

Last year a widow lady in the community gave me her husbands fishing tackle box as well as some of his old poles. Unfortunately, things conspired against me and I was never able to make it out to the water…

This year is different… this year I have discovered that I need the peacefulness of fishing in order to calm my spirit.

Accordingly, I decided to empty out this old tackle box, clean it up and basically get things organized. Originally this was going to be a calm chore…but I forgot how appealing little bright things could be to a toddler… 😕

Luckily, Jadon didn’t stab himself or get any hooks caught in his mouth…but boy did he try!!

In the end, I was able to get everything organized and put back into the box.

Now I am ready for Father’s Day tomorrow as we are suppose to go down to the local lake, throw some steaks on the grill and hang out with some awesome friends.

I say “suppose to” as I’m not sure if the weather is going to hold out…it has been raining all day today and there is a 30% chance of rain tomorrow….

I guess we shall see……

Either way, I have a clean tackle box! 😀