The Third Decade

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third decade of my life. It is amazing what has happened over those 31 years – the adventures, the pain, the fun, the friends and family… ah, God is good.

Note: The decade doesn’t officially start until the “1” as the “0” year is simply the tenth year of the previous decade.

But this is not a post of refection, it is a party post as my family surprised me last night was a birthday party…. And boy did they pull it off!

You see, every other week we come down the mountain and spend the night in town with my in-laws so that my father-in-law has a chance to see his grandson (my mother-in-law drives up the mountain every week). This week was that week – so after work, I went over to the in-laws house for supper and a relaxing evening full of discussions and books.

Yet when I walked into the house, the living room and dinning room was decorated with balloons and banners – and everyone  started singing “happy birthday”. It was great – especially when my little boy ran up to me for a hug and started clapping in turn with everyone! 😀

Much happiness! And tons of love!

Thank you all for a great 31st birthday!!!

Playing "Catan: Settlers of America - Trails to Rails" with Emily and my parents

2 thoughts on “The Third Decade”

  1. Ahhh, that’s so beautiful! My baby boy is now 31 and his baby boy will one day be beating him at those board games! You see him sitting up there learning strategy! Happy Birthday, Josh! Luv ya so much!

  2. My mother just pointed out that I’m actually starting my 4th decade of life, not the third:

    First decade: birth-10
    Second decade: 11-20
    Third decade: 21-30


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