Maintaining Hearts of Tranquility in Times of Global Turmoil

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There is a lot of fear in the world today about the future. People are scared of earthquakes, super volcanoes, political shutdowns, and the apocalyptic Second Coming of Jesus.

Some of this fear is good as it prompts us to prepare both our hearts and our lives. Yet, unchecked fear is a bad thing.

It is to this unchecked fear that I would like to highlight Tri Robinson’s recent article entitled, “Maintaining Hearts of Tranquility in Times of Global Turmoil.”

This article captured my heart on the subject of global turmoil so beautifully I had to share it with you all.  🙂

Here are the five points Tri makes:

1. Simplify your life – “Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of our lives have become cluttered with material things, out of control emotions and wrong choices which have not only complicated our lives but caused a form of paralyzing dysfunction.”

2. Be prepared for short term crises– “Having the experience of working in disasters such as Hurricane Katrina it became evident to me that people who took basic steps of preparedness recovered much quicker than those who became dependent on government help. Not only that, but many of those with the mindset to be prepared also became the workforce that served others in the aftermath of the crisis.”

3. Work towards long term sustainability – “Storing food and water will never take the place of a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability takes foresight and long term planning. It requires a plan to become debt-free and a new lifestyle which doesn’t demand a huge salary or a consumer mentality.”

4. Live in community – “Being a part of a functional community of faith is crucial today. Historically we know that people who worked together holding onto what the Bible refers to as “having one heart and one mind” have always done better than those who tried to go it alone during difficult times.”

5. Maintain an eternal perspective – “Observing the unraveling world through a shortsighted lens is not only frustrating but downright depressing…We as God’s people are called to trust in his greater plan of eternity and participate with him in a world that desperately needs people who aren’t responding to global crises in fear but rather offering strength to those caught in the confusion and the suffering.”

Click here to read the full article.

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