Moving east to find lost treasures…

FYI – Brambonius, a fellow believer and Vineyardite (is that a word?) in Belgium,  just posted a great article about finding treasures within the theology and practice of the Eastern Orthodox.

“So my proposal is to learn from non-modern christian traditions to find back what we’ve lost with the blind spots of our modern eyes….

So what’s the ‘new’ one I’m finding more and more interesting? It’s actually a very old one, and unlike anabaptism undeniably totally outside of protestantism, and it was even left out of Brian McLarens ‘generous orthodoxy’, but I don’t think it can really be considered ‘unorthodox’ in any way at all, since I’m talking about the so-called eastern orthodox church here. They own the word!”

Click here to finish reading the article.

And no, I didn’t just link to this post because he linked to Requisite Danger – I actually agree with him wholeheartedly (imagine that!)  😛