Seattle: A Photo Journey

My recent journey to the Society of Vineyard Scholars conference was also my first time visiting Seattle, Washington. Flying from Boise, I arrived a few hours before the conference started, so Roy Conwell, a great friend and the pastor of the Mountain Vineyard in Kent, WA, volunteered to show me around the city. The below pictures are from this quick tour.

Metro Seattle: Home to 3.4 million people
Looking West across the Puget Sound at the Olympic Mountains

Folks are thinking about building a tunnel under the city and tearing down this raised street to make room for condos and businesses.
Pike Place Market: one of the oldest continually operated public farmers’ markets in the United States (opened on August 17, 1907)
While in Pike Place Market, I couldn't help but stop in at the first Starbucks coffee shop. =)
Monument inside Starbuck's first store

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