Prayer and Fasting

Last Sunday I had the honor of kicking off a 21 day prayer and fasting time for the Payette River Vineyard. As we head into our fifth year as a church, we wanted to hear Go’s direction for our lives and for the church in general.

The cool part is that we are going to gather together at the end of the 21 days for a special time of prayer. Specially, we are expecting God for healing miracles, emotional miracles and spiritual deliverance. It should be a wonderful time seeing God work. 🙂

Click here to listen to the sermon.

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  1. What’s up Joshua? I got your emails & have been reading some of your thoughts. Good stuff!

    I did write a paper to the Scholars, but won’t be able to attend. I wasn’t sure what I would have done had my paper been chosen, since we’re pretty broke & now really have no leverage to go. You’ll get to see Steve though.

    Keep doing the stuff!

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