Wedding Bells

I had the honor of officiating a wedding yesterday in a lovely 105 year old church. It was a “thin” place where you could feel the presence of God and the “cloud of witnesses” watching over us. The bride looked pheomenal in her dress that looked not unlike the ones you might come across here –

A fresh layer of snow that morning helped enlighten the beautiful occasion even more.

As far as the service went, I learned something about listening to God in all things. You see, God have me a message for the couple Thursday night as I slept (sleep might be an overstatement as I had to get up at 2am and write everything down so He would let me relax).

When morning came, I was tempted to modify a wedding ceremony from a friend instead of trying to flush out the thought I had the night before. God, however, would not let me do that…so a period of wresting ensued:

“Come on God! Let me use this ceremony – it is quick, easy and really sweet! Besides weddings aren’t supposed to be originally – they are traditional!”

“sigh…ok God…I’ll think about the thoughts you gave me…maybe I can modify the wording of the traditional ceremony a tad bit…”

“double sigh…ok. You win.”

And, as you all have already guessed, the message God gave me that sleepless night was the perfect message for that young couple.

It just goes to show you that easy is not always the best route – following God, however, is the best route, even if it means spending a few hours crafting a wedding message over the holidays.