The Wk That Makes The Other 51 Go Around

Picture by Christie Costello
Picture by Christie Costello

Last week we had the honor of attending the 2010 Vineyard USA Mission Leadership Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To me,  this is THE meeting within the Vineyard Movement – bar none.


Because the Mission Leadership Meeting (MLM) brings together those within the Movement who are playing on the front lines – those who are constantly having to rethink how they do church as they are trying to share the Kingdom message of Jesus with those of another culture.

In addition, the MLM is a relational focused meeting versus a task orientated conference jammed full of meeting.

This means that the organizers scheduled plenty of room for rest, individual meetings, hikes, worship, and sleep. There was also a prayer team on site to pray for everyone at the meeting (and unlike other leader conferences, folks at the MLM actually WANTED prayer!).

This is why I call the MLM week the one week that helps the other 51 weeks go by.  🙂