The Parable of the Hungry Girl

My friend Jason Coker recently wrote a parable about Christendom’s unholy focus on right beliefs/theology. It is a hard hitting, thought provoking read.

child-holodomorThis parable is dedicated to John MacArthur, who at a recent conference said, “You can get Jesus mostly right and still go to hell,” and to Rick Holland, who at the same conference said, “Right doctrine is the litmus test for your life.”

Once there was a little girl at play in the garden when suddenly she realized she was hungry. Immediately, she went looking for her father who was at work in the fields.

“Father,” she said, “I’m hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

“First you must tell me why you are hungry and how I am able to feed you.”

“I’m hungry because I need to eat, and you’re able to feed me because you’re my father.”

“That’s only partly true. Go to your room and come back when you know the whole truth.”

So the little girl went away a little hurt, confused and still hungry. Later that night while her father ate dinner at a table filled with deliciously prepared food, she came to him again.

To finish reading the parable, please follow this link to Jason’s website,

oh – and don’t forget to read the comments, they are just as telling and thought provoking….