Watching Cows…

I was watching the neighborhood cows and birds with Jadon yesterday when a thought crossed my mind: why would someone trade an active, dynamic God for a book?

Or, to be more precise, why would anyone adhere to the regulative principle of worship?

For those who don’t know, the regulative principle of worship is a theological principle that states that:

“…only those elements that are instituted or appointed by command, precept or example in or by good and necessary consequence  from the Bible are permissible in worship, or in other words, that God institutes in the Scriptures everything he requires for worship in the Church and that everything else is prohibited.”wikipedia

As I stared out my dinning room window thinking about this concept, I realized that the main reason for the regulative principle is fear.

Fear of….

  • being deceived
  • missing His voice.
  • not hearing His voice
  • grieving the Spirit
  • taking things too far
  • missing the salvation ‘boat’
  • grieving the Spirit
  • getting hurt
  • hurting others
  • losing control

And to be truthful, I agree. Those are real fears. Those are my fears.

Yet as I watched the birds fly around the field, looking for food, dodging cows and predators – I realized something. I want to follow an active, dynamic God full of surprises, paradoxes and mystery.

Yes, it is…

  • scary
  • frightening
  • mind blowing
  • strange
  • wild
  • out there
  • on edge

But, it also means that God is someone who cares. Someone who grants freedom and mercy to those who following Him.

It means that He is not done. He is still working – and He is granting me the opportunity to help my Him as He redeems the world to Himself for His glory.

Just like Jadon is helping me stop and watch cows….