Feeling Loved By The Father

ipodI have wanted an iPod for the last three or so years – yet, I’ve never bought one as they are a tad expensive.

Yeah, I could buy a cheaper knockoff brand, but since I run iTunes on a iBook – I figured it would be better if I stayed in the family and got an iPod.

So, I started saving my pennies like a good little boy – waiting for the day when my piggy bank could handle the purchase (hmm…I guess I must admit that I have dipped into the account once or twice for some good books!).

If everything went well, I was supposed to have enough money saved up by July to buy a refurbished 16 gb iPod Nano. But God had different plans.

And God plans are always better (granted, some of them don’t make sense…but we won’t go there today).

So what was His plan? Well, one of God’s daughters gave me a beautiful green 16 gb iPod Nano Friday afternoon.

Talk about feeling loved by my Father – first I get to experience His healing water at the Vineyard Conference; then He gives me something I have been waiting for. Wow. WOW!!

Thank you Father for caring about the small things in my life.

Thank you daughter of a King for following His voice. May you always hear Him.

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