Air Purifiers?

The sad thing about having three cats is that the air in the house tends to get a tad dirty. Lately, I have been on the lookout for an air purifier for odor removal due to the smell. It’s not something we ever noticed that much, but recently it has come to our attention more. We do pretty good, seeing how we have nice adult-size lungs.

But we are a bit concerned about Jadon’s lungs as they are still developing… as such we are thinking about buying an air purifier to help remove all the cat hair and dust particles. I think this is important as air purifiers can process germs, viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen as well as removing pet hair and dander from in the air. This would make the air so much cleaner for Jadon.

However, there are a TON of brands and types of air purifiers on the market. I found this useful article about the best air purifiers for dog owners which has helped. But I need more advice… is anyone out there using one that they would recommend? If so, why?