Dragons and a World Called Pern

dragonsingerA month or so ago Em came home with a book about dragons. This in and of itself is not really surprising as she has done that before. Yet, this time there was a small difference.

Namely, she brought home Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey.

Yelp – one of the Dragon Riders of Pern books.

ah….the memories of yesteryears…. =?


Seeing how it has been over a decade since I last read any of Dragon Rider books, I decided to join her in reading the book and the others in the series. I mean – there are only 19 books out there – surely we can read them all (or listen to them as we tend to get audio books).

As of today we have read three of the books (Dragonsinger, Dragonflight, and Dragonsong) and are working on number four (Dragonquest – yeah…so we are a tad out of order)  😳

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