The Once A Year Brain Simulator

class booksOne of the nice things about the Fall is the chance to simulate the gray matter floating 10 inches above my shoulders.

Or, if you prefer plain English, it is the time of the year in which I try to take a college course through Fuller Theological Seminary.

Last year I embarked on a journey through world missions – which was an amazing course hosted by the Perspectives On The Christian World Mission group.

This year I decided to take a ‘real’ Fuller class – as in a class hosted and taught by Fuller personnel. The class of choice was one about the four Gospels.

And let me tell you – it has been a GREAT class!

I am about three quarters through the class (it ends Dec 11th) and it has been worth every effort. There is just something about studying the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus that awakens one’s spirit. =)

Em has been laughing at me because I am reading every page of my text book versus skimming the chapters. It would probably be easier to skim – but I want to learn this stuff. I want to know and apply it to my life.

Besides – its fun. =P

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