Repairing the Wellhouse

Well House - 3One of the benefits of living in the country is the wonderful, clean water from our own well. To keep the well from freezing during the winter months, it is housed in a small building next to the main house.

One day I walked out to the well house to get some tools and got quite a shock…someone had ran into the building and knocked it off its foundation.

At first, I thought someone had merely “tapped” the building and simply busted in the wall near the door… but as I dug into the problem this Monday, I quickly discovered how hard it must have been hit.

In a nut shell, the entire south wall was moved 4.5 inches west – busting loose the concrete bolts used to mount the west wall onto the foundation.

Well House - 2All the joists on the south side where busted loose from the foundation board – leaving nails sticking up where the joists should have been.


About this time, I was getting really nervous and a tad scared as the problem was quickly getting bigger then what I was comfortable with… All I knew was that it needed to be fixed before the winter set in and I didn’t have the funds to pay someone to fix it. Even though I didn’t have the money for it, my friend told me that I still should’ve rung a company, like Centex foundation repair for example. She said that it would’ve been good to have gotten a professional opinion of how badly the foundations were damaged. Maybe she was right! However, I took the problem into my own hands.

Then the Lord showed up – I remembered that if you wanted to move a heavy object sideways, it helps to remove the pressure pushing down on the object; allowing the object to slide freely. With that light bulb, I went out and found a house jack (which, by the grace of God, was given to me about a year ago and had been lying around collecting dust).

Together with Em, we managed to move the wall back into place (thank the Lord for 10lb sledgehammers!) and bolted back together.

Now winter can come; we are ready. =)