The Lord’s Prayer: A Battle Cry (Part 1 of 7)

Battle-for-Helms-Deep-lord-of-the-rings-4338897-395-267Walk into any Christian bookstore and you will find tons of nicknacks graced with the words of the Lord Prayer: prayer clothes, posters, ships, pens, table clothes, pictures, etc.

It is said before football games; in prayer meetings around the world…yet for the most part we don’t realize what we are saying.  We think it is simply a ‘cute’ prayer – or at the most, a prayer given to us by our Savior.

Yet, it is not a ‘cute’ prayer or simply a prayer model to be followed. It is a battle cry!

An anthem raised up in the middle of darkness for all to see. The picture I see when I think of the Lord’s prayer is the men of Braveheart yelling before the huge army of Britain. Or better yet, it is the cry of Argon and the men of Rodan as the ride from Helm’s Deep into the massive army of Orcs.

In fact, let us watch this scene…. (or imagine it as the case may be)

The outer part of Helms Deep has been destroyed by the Orcs. Everyone is barracked in the inner courts while they wait for Gandalf to come with reinforcements. Things are looking dark…they can not last much longer. In order to save the women and kids, the warriors must ride out and face the orcs one on one. By doing so, they just might be able to save the others….

Together they ride out, their voices lifting together in a battle cry as they ride into the vast darkness. At the last minute, a light shines in the east – Gandalf has returned bring with him the remaining Riders of Rodan.

This the Lord’s Prayer.

It is a battle cry; not a prayer to hang on the wall and say lightly!!!

Over the next few days, I will try to show this battle nature of the prayer as we look at each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer.