Learning To Pickling Pickles

I love dill pickles – so when our garden started producing tons of cucumbers, we decided to learn how to pickle pickles. Laughing

Start by washing and cleaning your cucumbers…






 Chop them up – either in slices or spears. We choose to use a pickle spice package from the store as we didn't want to mess with figuring out the mixture.[@more@]








Heat up the brime mixture (ie. water, vinegar and spices) while bring a pot of water to a boil. 

 Fill your jars with cucumbers…








Top off with the brime, screw on the lid and place in the boiling water. Let boil for a few minutes and then take them out.

 Let them sit for 12 hours to cool (don't they look good?) Laughing

And boy – do they taste good! 

Note that this burger is made with neighor raised organic beef, garden fresh beans, corn, tomatoes and of course our famous pickles. Cool