Deeper Still @ Meridian Vineyard

Sunday evening we made the pilgrimage down the mountain to attend the Deeper Still worship evening at the Meridian Vineyard. With all honesty, I figured there would be about 30 or 40 people there – seeing that it was a Sunday evening and all that….

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a jammed packed house with about a 100 or so folks in attendance!  Laughing

It was amazing!!  Simply amazing…

One of the first things that caught my eye that evening was the children. There were tons of kids dancing around and praising the Lord. Shoot, they where the main prayer warriors that evening – praying and laying hands on anyone who would let them! It was a beautiful sight.

And the worship….unbelievable… to simply let go and praise the Lord without having to worry about guitar cords or which verse to sing… nothing to do but give glory to the Lord Most High…. Ah… well, worth the pilgrimage. Laughing[@more@]

Last, but not least, the miracles. Smile

As mentioned before, there were lots of folks prayer for each other during the worship time…well, at the end of the evening, the pastor ask if any one had been healed and if they wanted to share what happened. A gentleman got up and shared how he had knee surgery in 1966 where they removed all the cartilage from one of his knees. Every since then he had been unable to squat all the way down – especially since his other knee was also giving him problems…

Well, thanks to the glorious power of Christ who has conquered and defeated evil in all its way, this man was able to stand on the stage Sunday evening and squat all the downa feat previously deemed medically impossible!!!!

God is good. Cool