Harvesting the First Fruits

This past weekend was a joyful occasion as we were able to harvest the first fruits of our garden.

You know, when you think about it, gardens are pretty amazing. You dig up a piece of dirt, throw in some tiny dry seeds – add water and the next thing you know you’re standing the middle of a vegetable aisle!  Tongue out

*smile* I know there must some kinda of spiritual lesson there…but I’m going to skip commenting on it and tell you just to read Mark 4. Smile

Peas where the first vegetables we were able to pick (some of our co-gardeners harvested some radishes before hand, but we missed out on them). =Frown   However, a few days later we were able to pick a few tomatoes – and let me tell you, these tomatoes were awesome!

Eating these first fruits is a reminder that all the hard work of weeding, watering and taking care of the garden is worth it. It just takes a little patience. [@more@]