The Importance of Planting Churches: Part 3

Ok – I’m a tad late in posting…sigh. Undecided

If I remember correctly we where talking about church planting "issues" – especially as it relates to up and coming leaders.

“I want to protect them!”

Mentors are just like parents in that they don’t want their “student” to get hurt. To that end, they justify keeping up-and-coming leaders close to them in an effort to protect them from the struggles of planting a church.

This protective nature is even stronger with those leaders who started out as church planters – especially if they had a tough time.

However, just like parents, there is a time when the new leader needs to be “kicked” out of the nest. If you keep them in the mother church, you are hurting both yourself and the new leader. You may not see it at first – but you will in the long term.[@more@]

Starting a church is hard

Most of you know that I have been part of a church plant for the last three years. It wasn’t something I looked for or asked to be on – instead, I kind of “fell” into it at the nudging of the Father.  

In a nut shell – the last three years have been tough.

I work an hour away from the community where the church and my home are located. Most of the people in the area are older then I am – and I have been having a hard time find my “spot” on the team.

Yet, I wouldn’t change a thing. (except maybe the hour commute) Wink

Why? Because I have learned so much about God, patience, enduring, church leadership and waiting on the Spirit to lead.

If I had stayed at the mother church, I don’t think I would be the leader or person that I am now. I would have continued serving at a mid to low leadership level within the church or I would have left the church for somewhere else as many of my peers have done.

This is why I am sold on the concept of planting churches. It FORCES you to rely on God Almighty. You HAVE to get out of your comfort zone and trust whole hearty on Him.

I believe with everything inside of me that the Lord is looking for people who willing to give up their jobs, houses, and comfort to start communities of faith across this nation and earth.

The question now becomes: Will you walk that path?