I Need A Ticket To Bristol

If anyone wants to pony up a few hundred dollars for a plane ticket to Bristol, UK, please let me know. You can just leave a note on this blog and I will contact you. Money mouth

It’s that easy.

Now if you are wondering why I want to go to Bristol all of a sudden, I have one word for you: Banksy.

Yelp. Him.

The world’s most famous graffiti artist is hosting an art show at the Bristol’s City Museum and Art Gallery. This fact is kind of strange ironic as Bristol was where Banksy first started painting – abet on the side of buildings, bridges or another public structures.

To have the city that chased him for many years host an art show is really, really ironic. And, in a strange way, it is also classic Banksy. Wink[@more@]

You may wonder why I like Banksy so much?

Well, in a nutshell, he has one of the best ironic views on society and western culture. In a lot of ways he is like Terry Pratchett – only instead of words, Banksy uses images.

If you can’t laugh, cry or grimaces at the crazy, screwed up society we are living in…well… I’m sorry. Undecided