Gardens and Sinus

This has been one of the worse allergy and sinus Springs on record. Well, at least, it is at the top of MY list!!

There was a time when I used to mow and bale hay without trouble minus the first few days when everyone was sneezing. Now days in my old years I live on allergy medicines and tissues.

I guess I need to eat more local honey.

Oh speaking of Spring – we have a garden!

Yeah, this may be old news for most of you but to me it is still pretty cool! This would be my first “real” garden since I was eight or nine.

We are sharing the garden with several ladies in the community which is nice when it comes to watering and weeding the garden. It is also helpful to have others to work with when we are landscaping and making changes to the space. By having a helping hand to load the skips, the work was halved. We got inspiration to hire a skip after seeing an advert for skip bins sydney way and realised that a good clear-out was exactly what the space needed – so we did it together! However, it also comes with…shall we say…challenges? As with anything, the more people you have working on a project, the more opinions and comments you get. I guess the Lord wants us to work on our team building skills.

Yesterday was my day to work in the garden. It seems that the soaker lines we placed in the ground were not reaching the corn or tomatoes rows. I also bought some new plants from a company like Gardeners Dream and it seems like the water hasn’t reached them either. I hope they’re not ruined and I can somehow revive them!

I spend a lot of time in my garden so I was really disappointed to see that the soaker lines aren’t working properly. Seeing that not having water is bad for the plants…yesterday was a day of moving water lines, digging trenches, and adding new soaker hoses.

To be honest, there are a few new things I might invest in for the garden. For example, recently I have been thinking about purchasing a new pergola. I have seen some gorgeous vinyl pergolas online and I have been totally inspired to buy one.

Pergolas offer a lovely area to unwind and relax in the shade, and after a long day in the garden, that is just what you need! One of my friends has a pergola in her garden and it adds such a nice touch to the outside of her home. Have you ever thought about getting a pergola for your garden? Let me know if so as I would love to hear your recommendations!

Anyway, hopefully, very soon, the plants will get water and the veg will grow. Do you like spending time in the garden? Feel free to share any gardening tips in the comments below!