Crying Stairs and Other Leaky Problems

Rumor has it that Southwest Idaho has broken the all time record for Spring rainfall. Regardless if this rumor is true or not I believe it!

Why do I believe it?

Because my basement staircase is crying!!!

You read correctly my staircase is crying. The ground has soaked up enough water that it is starting to force it back through the concrete into my basement. Sigh. Frown

At first I thought the water was coming in under the basement door so I placed some towels by the door and waited. I did some online research on sites such as to just see what the scenarios could be if it was unfortunately a leak and what my options were if I needed a plumber. The next day, the basement floor was flooded and the towels were dry.[@more@]

At this point, I was very confused. A friend said he thought it may actually be from a pipe or something similar, so suggested I should find a plumber just in case. I took a look at a few websites, like in particular, but decided to sleep on it.

Today however, it was raining when I woke up meaning that I had a chance to find the leak. I kept thinking of all of the areas in the house on where it could be coming from. Perhaps it was an issue with the roof and I needed to get in contact with someone similar to, or perhaps one of my water pipes had burst.. who knows! After staring at the staircase for a while, I finally figured out where the water was coming from!

Once I knew that, I hooked up a system to where the water coming out of the staircase could run directly into my shopvac. Problem solved!

Or so I thought…

I had found one leak…there where multiple leaks through out the staircase…

Much sadness. Cry

Tonight at Bible study one of the guys told me that there was some chemicals you could put on the concrete that would seal it up. Alternatively, I could just look on a website similar to to try and find a professional solution to my leak. This would probably be the most reliable method of returning my home to its normal state.

All I must do now if find some of that stuff and pray for the rain to stop!!!